Legal foundations for activities

Legal foundations for 

RES-Q activities

International Legal Regulations:

  • Convention instituting World Association of Intellectual Property.
  • Paris Convention on Protection of Industrial Property.
  • Madrid Arrangement Concerning International Registration of Trade Marks.
  • Geneva Convention on Copyright.
  • Agreement on Patent Cooperation.
  • Agreement on Patent Law.
  • etc.

Russian Legal Regulations:

  • RF Law on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellation of Origin.
  • RF Law on Copyright and Allied Rights.
  • RF Patent law.
  • RF Law on Competition Protection.
  • RF Administrative Code (Art. 7.12 and 14.10).
  • RF Criminal Code (Art. 146, 147 and 180).
  • RF Customs Code (Art. 358-400, 403 and 408).
  • etc.

From January the 1st 2008 – RF Civil Code, Part IV.