Monitoring examination of markets

Res-Q marketing and special research

  • Determination of c/f penetration level on the consumer market in all distribution channels;
  • Determination of the market share of the Rights holder original products taking into consideration fake, parallel and confusingly similar products;
  • Calculation of economic damage suffered by the Rights holder;
  • Price positioning of original and c/f products
  • To fulfill the task set by the Russian government, Res-Q performed independent research of counterfeit goods distribution on the audio and video product market in 15 towns of Russia, the results were discussed at the RF government session
  • Res-Q has been carrying out regular monitoring research of counterfeit products in 20 RF cities for 5 large FMCG companies.

Opportunities offered by research

  • Early detection of counterfeit, look-alike products or "grey" import products.
  • Determination of distribution level on the market of original and counterfeit products.
  • Determination of the client's products share of the market.
  • The client's and competitors' products prices positioning.
  • Independent control of distributors' activities on the market.