Innovative methodic of our activities

Res-Q Group work: Peculiar Features

• Comprehensive approach to IPR protection - starting with counterfeit detection up to its destruction in line with Court ruling.
• Developed network of regional representatives allows prompt solution of IPR problems on the territory of the RF and in the countries of the former USSR.
• Constant elaboration of IPR protection methods, adjusting them in accordance with amendments in the actual legislation.
• Regular seminars for law enforcement bodies (customs and militia), representing the clients' interests.
• Preparation and publishing of practical guides focusing on IPR protection issues.
• Participation of the Res-Q specialists as consultants and experts in working out legislation in the field of IPR protection.
• Drawing up individual programs of IPR protection and assigning an individual manager in charge of the project for each client.

Basic points of innovative method of intellectual property rights protection on the market of Russia and CIS countries

• Main task– creation of stable, complex system of protection of original products' distribution channel from invasion of counterfeit products.
• Special Res-Q examination of consumer market – basis for studying of distribution channels of original and counterfeit products.
• If necessary – expert examination of counterfeit samples in order to detect possible places of manufacture.
• Active impact on manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit products on all levels – production, warehouse, trade outlet jointly with enforcement bodies.
• Creation of data base and map of counterfeit on territory of Russia and CIS countries.
• The ultimate purpose- creation of protected brand image.